Why Choose Turtle Can eco-friendly water bottles

Today, there are numerous choices available on the market when it comes to Eco-friendly reusable water bottles, but we believe that the first thing to consider is that the drinking water is kept safely in the bottle - without having chemicals substance from the bottle leaching into it.

I’m regularly on the search for a good Eco-friendly reusable water bottle  you know, one that is risk-free, leak free, retains water cold or hot as per the temperature and is fit in the lunchboxes or in the gym bags etc. There is valid reason to deny purchasing drinking waters in disposable plastic bottles.

According to a survey about 91% non-reusable plastic water bottles rarely get recycled. So it’s really worth it to discover an alternative both for the environment and our savings as well.

What is BPA, why 100% BPA free consider?

In the last several decades, the primary issue has been about the chemical BPA that is a major ingredient found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, and a few years back numerous plastic food and water/ drink bottles were produced from plastics that were laced up with BPA.

If you are not updated on BPA, in the past, we have heard plenty of news reports alert regarding children’s and pregnant women’s direct exposure to products and consumable goods containing BPA. The USA Department of Health and Human Services has called for parents and guardian to minimize  their children's exposure to consumable products containing BPA because of its probably harmful health outcomes on the developing brain, and its more possible a link to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The FDA has stated that exposure to small levels of BPA are safe somehow but because we are all exposed to BPA constantly due to plastic toys, plastic food containers, canned foods, store receipts, etc., it’s better to minimize our exposure whenever we can and which involves reusable drinking water bottles, which brought to several business producing plastic food and water containers to change to BPA-free plastics like Triton.

But “BPA-free” is not always a dependable term. Turtle Can illustrate this as reusable bottles made by Sigg were being labelled “BPA free” before August 2008, but a research found (and later Sigg confirmed) that the epoxy applied in the liner of their aluminium reusable water bottles contained BPA.

As per an investigation and research done by the journal Environmental Health, that several BPA-free plastic containers including Triton plastic, might leak some concerning and estrogen-mimicking chemical substances into water and food, when the container is exposed to ultraviolet rays or like when we’re on the outside of the building. One useful note is eco-friendly reusable water bottle manufacturer finds that greens bottles actually examining negative for these types of chemicals substances after exposure to UV rays which is due to its green colour which seems to block the rays.

So, when choosing the eco-friendly reusable water bottles to test out as future favourites, we should have concentrated on the ones that we recognized to be manufactured of the safest materials for storing drinking water. We select mostly eco-friendly non-plastic reusable water bottles made of food-grade safe materials like stainless steel, aluminium with BPA-free linings and glass.

Why Choose Turtle Can eco-friendly water bottles - White

Turtle Can produce new Eco friendly reusable water bottle. The Very first thing you will love about these bottles are, they are available in so many colors and patterns. And some really cool ones, I love the one with white color named "The flatback - White". The second QUALITY you will really like about water bottle is that it keeps drink HOT for 12 hrs and COLD for 24 hrs. It’s essentially designed to keep drinking waters cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. And the Eco friendly water bottles are manufactured from vacuum insulated stainless steel that’s non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free.


Leak-Proof:  Yes. Completely

Taste of Water: Tastes refreshing.

Fits Ice Cubes: Yes, but barely!

Outside Condensation: No.

Is BPA Free : Yes, 100% BPA FREE

Keeps Water Cool: Yes, incredibly up to 24 hrs.!

Keeps Water Hot: Yes, up to 12 hrs.!