What is the best water bottle for keeping water cold?

Whether you are travelling, working out or simply keeping hydrated, ensuring you have the right water bottle is essential. Staying hydrated throughout the day is key but too often you will find that your once cold water has turned to room temperature after a couple of hours. Aside from your once cold and refreshing water now being less than desirable, you will also now miss out on the numerous health benefits that come with drinking cold water. Here we will be demonstrating how the design, functionality and characteristics of a Turtle Can perfectly unite to suit your everyday needs and most importantly, keep your water cold!


Whilst we typically associate insulated bottles with keeping our hot drinks hot, they are also able to do the same for cold drinks. Cold water is essential in not only lowering and regulating your body’s core temperature, but it also aids your body in burning more calories as well as stimulating natural digestive enzymes. With Turtle Can’s stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated bottle, you can be sure that your water will remain cold throughout the day. Double wall insulated Turtle Cans are designed purposefully to keep your water at your desired temperature and will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours to ensure you always have optimum temperature water. 


Everyone understands the health benefits of staying hydrated throughout their day whether you’re sat at a desk or exercising. Even when in work, if you become 3-4% dehydrated, your work performance can be lowered by approximately 25-50%. Staying hydrated gives you energy and allows you to perform at the highest level both physically and mentally throughout your day. As such, it is recommended that adults in climates such as the UK should be consuming 1.2litres of water a day which is around six to eight glasses.

Turtle Can are proud to offer a wide range of health benefits that not only help protect you, but the environment. Our stainless-steel bottles are nontoxic and 100% BPA free so you can be sure that your water is kept cold and free of harmful chemicals. Unlike plastic bottles, stainless steel is also much more hygienic to use and easy to clean; containing no cracks or pores in which bacteria can be harboured.


Turtle Cans can hold up to 500ml/17 oz of cold water which will be kept cold for 24 hours. Whether you are at work, at the gym, on the go or sat at home, it is the perfect size to carry around with ease. Each stainless-steel bottle holds just over 1/3 of your recommended daily fluid to keep your hydrated throughout the day without being a burden to carry. It can easily fit inside your handbag, rucksack, gym bag and more with ease and without being affected by the temperature of the environment.


Turtle Cans are specifically designed and composed of materials which perfectly accommodate cold water for long periods of time. Each bottle is composed of lightweight stainless steel with a premium looking smooth and matte finish. This insulating outer material is perfect for cold water as it is sweat and condensation proof making it easy and comfortable to hold as well as ensuring the surroundings of the Turtle Can won’t become damp. Its smooth, fluid shape makes it extremely easy to slide the bottle into any bag without issue and best of all, you can be sure it won’t break. Stainless steel is one of the most robust and durable materials, meaning unlike glass and plastic bottles you won’t have to worry about it smashing or splitting.


Turtle Cans were designed and built with functionality in mind. We understand that ensuring your water stays cold simply isn’t enough if the bottle itself isn’t practical which is why we focus on accessibility and ease of use. Many plastic and glass bottle top designs are flawed in that they only allow a small amount of water out a time which can hinder hydration. The mouth of a Turtle Can has been designed with hydration in mind to ensure individuals are able to easily control the flow of cold water. The mouth of the bottle is also the perfect size to accommodate refills from taps and drinking fountains without any spills and is completely leak proof. No matter how cold your water is, you will have no issue opening a Turtle Can lid with the stainless-steel cap easily twisting open every time!


The lightweight design of a Turtle Can makes it perfect for everyday use, whether you’re at home, at the gym, at work, travelling and more.  Each 500ml bottle can hold the perfect amount of liquid to keep your hydrated throughout your day without being an inconvenience and weighing you down. Plus, when compared with a glass or plastic water bottle, you will often find that stainless steel bottles will weigh only slightly more if not the same but are able to keep your water at the optimum temperature.

Environmentally Friendly

What better way to stay hydrated than with a Turtle Can? Turtle Can’s stainless-steel bottles are built to accommodate a healthy, active lifestyle and are the perfect choice for keeping your water at the optimum temperature. Whether you are at the gym, travelling on simply on the go, you can be sure that your Turtle Can will keep your water cold. Take a look at our range of Turtle Can water bottles…