What is the best water bottle for golfers?

Ensuring you are adequately hydrated on the golf course is essential to both your mental and physical performance.

Dehydration can quickly spoil the best of games without you realising, decreasing your energy and focus.

Turtle Can is designed specifically for those that lead an active lifestyle, and is an ideal water bottle for players of all abilities.

Here we demonstrate how the design, functionality and characteristics of our product combine to suit your everyday needs on and off the course.

 Environmentally friendly

 Last year, more than 50,000 golf balls were found rotting off the coast of a Californian golf course.

As they degrade, microplastics and toxic chemicals will be slowly released into the ocean, affecting not only sea life but potentially poisoning the food chain through fish produce and the water itself.

Golfers across the planet are now attempting to make a more conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint and make the sport more sustainable.

Turtle Can is also committed to reducing the levels of plastic waste found in the oceans that needlessly endanger sea life.

Our stainless steel water bottles have great eco credentials, being both 100 per cent recyclable and nontoxic, and is widely recognised as a ‘green’ product.

When compared to other materials used to manufacture water bottles, the impact of stainless steel on the environment is minimal.


 Each Turtle Can holds up to 500ml, or 17oz, of liquid – an optimum amount for any golfer.

Whether you are playing a full 18-hole course or a shorter nine-hole game, a Turtle Can is the perfect shape and size to carry with you.

Each stainless steel bottle carries enough to keep you hydrated during a game, but not too much that you have to interrupt it with frequent trips to the toilet!


 Depending on the climate in which you’re playing, having a well-insulated water bottle is key to ensuring your water remains at the optimal temperature throughout the day.

Whether you’re in the UK or golfing abroad, chilled water is essential in supporting your performance.

Golfing requires a fair amount of walking, with the average course occupying anywhere between 74 and 150 acres of land.

When you consider the distance and the equipment you are required to carry, it isn’t hard to see how golfers can become quickly dehydrated.

That can not only hinder your physical performance, but mentally too. That’s why drinking chilled or cold water is so important.

Turtle Can’s double wall vacuum-insulated bottles are designed to ensure your water will remain cold for the entire time you are playing.

Each Turtle Can is guaranteed to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours.


 Turtle Cans are designed with all sportsmen and women in mind, which is why they are composed of lightweight premium stainless steel.

The insulating exterior has a smooth, condensation-proof coat that makes it easy to grip in any climate.

Stainless steel is extremely robust, rustproof and above all made to last for many years.

Unlike plastic, or glass, water bottles you won’t have to worry about it smashing or being damaged in your golf bag.


The average golf bag weighs between 25 and 30 pounds when you take into consideration the weight of the bag, a set of 14 clubs, extra balls and other essentials.

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a golf cart or a caddie, you will want to ensure anything else you need to carry is as light as possible.

The lightweight design of a Turtle Can is therefore perfect for golfers, being an ideal size and weight to easily slide into your bag.

Each 500ml bottle carries enough liquid to keep you hydrated throughout a game without drastically adding to the weight you are carrying.


 It is easy for golfers to become dehydrated with a focus solely on playing.

However many forget that they will walk an average of three to six miles on an 18-hole course.

Water not only helps to regulate your body temperature; it also gives you the energy you need to perform and remain healthy.

As such, during a round of golf, it is recommended that you consume 40 to 50 per cent of your daily water intake to achieve optimal hydration.

The right water bottle can help you avoid becoming fatigued, unfocused and generally unwell.

Made of stainless steel, each Turtle Can is non-toxic and 100 per cent BPA-free, which means there is no chance of harmful plastic chemicals or microplastics leaking into your water.

Stainless steel is also much more hygienic when compared to standard plastic water bottles and, with no cracks or pores for bacteria to be harboured in, it is much easier to keep clean.

Hydration is integral to golfing; you will increase stamina, improve your focus and most importantly, lower your scores!

Turtle Can’s stainless steel products are made to support an active lifestyle.

It is a water bottle that helps keep you in peak physical condition while also doing your bit to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in circulation.

Take a look at our Turtle Can water bottles…