What is the best water bottle for athletes?

Whether you are a regular at the gym or practice a particular sport, you know already that having the right water bottle is essential.

Staying hydrated both during and after exercise is key to ensuring you are fit, healthy and can perform at the highest level.

Turtle Can products are designed with those that lead an active lifestyle in mind and is a perfect water bottle for athletes.

Here we demonstrate how the design, functionality and characteristics of a Turtle Can combine to meet the everyday demands of fitness-conscious individuals.

Kind to the environment

Plastic pollution is an issue that can no longer be ignored with a million plastic bottles bought globally every minute.

A few years ago, gyms and sporting events would be littered with athletes clutching single-use plastic bottles but that is changing because of increasing awareness of the consequences.

Turtle Can is committed to reducing the levels of plastic waste found in the oceans that needlessly endanger sea life.

Our stainless-steel water bottles have eco-credentials; they are 100 percent recyclable and non-toxic and are recognised widely as a ‘green’ product.

When compared to other materials used to manufacture water bottles, the impact of stainless steel on the environment is minimal.


With the capacity to hold up to 500ml (or 17oz) of liquid, a Turtle Can is ideal for athletes on the go.

Whether you are in the gym, out on the track, weight training or anything in between, it is a comfortable size to carry around.

Each stainless-steel bottle holds just enough to keep you hydrated during a workout without being so large it becomes a burden.

It can easily slip into any gym bag, and fits snugly into the majority of bottle cages on bikes, cardio equipment - even in your car’s drink holder en route to a workout!


Ensuring your drink remains at the right temperature is essential in aiding athletic performance. 

While you exercise, your body’s core temperature increases and fluid escapes through sweat.

In order to delay, or reduce, a sudden rise in body temperature that risks hindering your training, drinking cold or chilled water is essential.

With a stainless steel, double wall vacuum-insulated bottle, you can have peace of mind that your water will stay cold for the entirety of a workout.

A double wall insulated Turtle Can is designed purposefully to do exactly that.

It keeps your drink cool for up to 24 hours, ensuring it is always at optimum temperature while you exercise.


All athletes understand the importance of a reliable water bottle.

It is essential to every workout, and therefore needs to be meet their expectations.

Every Turtle Can is composed of lightweight stainless steel with a premium-looking smooth and matte finish.

This insulating coat is perfect for a workout because it is condensation-proof, making it easy to grip and hold onto even while perspiring.

Its fluid shape and sleek exterior makes it one of the easiest bottles to slide in and out of your gym bag without getting caught and, best of all, it won’t break.

Stainless steel is robust and made to last which means, unlike plastic or glass bottle, you don’t have to worry about it cracking or smashing.


Functionality is a key element that most athletes look for when choosing a water bottle.

The key requirements are often simple; accessibility and ease-of-use design elements embodied in every Turtle Can.

Many bottle top designs are flawed in that they only allow a small amount of water out at a time, so rehydrating takes longer.

The mouth of each Turtle Can is designed to ensure athletes can easily control the flow of water to quickly hydrate themselves both during and after a workout.

The width of the mouth also perfectly accommodates refills at any tap or drinking fountain without causing spills.

With a Turtle Can, there are no issues related to opening pull-up caps or difficult plastic lids if your hands are clammy.

The stainless-steel cap on each Turtle Can twists opens with ease every time and is completely leak-proof.


 A Turtle Can is an ideal solution for those athletes looking for a water bottle that can boost their workout.

Its lightweight design suits an active person whether they are running, jogging, moving around during a HIIT workout or even cycling because it is an optimum size and weight to carry around.

Each 500ml bottle holds the required amount of liquid to keep remain hydrated during a workout without being an inconvenience or weighing you down.


Every athlete understands the importance of hydration.

Water not only regulates your body temperature and gives you energy, it most importantly keeps you healthy.

Hydration helps athletes to perform at their highest level, which is why it is recommended that during exercise you should drink between four and six ounces every 15 to 20 minutes.

The right water bottle can help combat fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness and even more serious conditions such as hypertension and kidney disease.

Your health is paramount, which is why Turtle Can’s stainless steel bottles are non-toxic and 100 per cent BPA free – a dangerous chemical that is found in the majority of hard plastic alternatives.

Also, unlike plastic water bottles, stainless steel is more hygienic because it contains no pores or cracks in which bacteria can thrive.

 What better way to stay hydrated throughout your workout than with a Turtle Can?

Our bottles are built to complement a healthy, active lifestyle and are the preferred choice for athletes of all abilities.

Whether you are a regular at the gym, training for an event, or engaged in athletics in any way you can keep yourself hydrated with a Turtle Can.

Not only that, you can help the growing movement towards cleansing the world’s oceans of harmful waste plastic by adding an environmentally-friendly Turtle Can to your daily grind.

 Take a look at our Turtle Can water bottles…