What is the best insulated water bottle for kids?

Encouraging children to regularly drink fluids is key to keeping them healthy and hydrated, particularly in warmer weather or after exercise. However, regularly forking out for disposable plastic bottles is not sustainable for your wallet, or more importantly, for the environment. Turtle Can’s insulated water bottles are the ideal solution for all children, no matter how fussy!


Teaching our children about the importance of protecting the Earth has never been more crucial. With 7.7 billion plastic water bottles being used and discarded in the UK every year, now is the time to make a change. Turtle Can’s are the best insulated water bottle for kids not only because they are reusable, but because they help to teach your children the importance of living sustainably. Your child can feel proud with a Turtle Can, knowing that they are helping to reduce the levels of plastic waste found in our oceans, which is needlessly endangering the turtle's population and other sea life.


Above all, your child’s water bottle needs to be robust. How many times have you had to replace water bottles that are leaking, cracked or damaged? Turtle Can bottles are the perfect solution; made of robust stainless steel they can be dropped, kicked around and thrown into a school bag without breaking. Each bottle has an airtight sealed cap that is easy to open and best of all, is completely leak proof, helping you to avoid another soaked school bag.

Child Proof 

We all know how picky kids can be with just about anything, which is why Turtle 
Can bottles are the perfect solution. Every Turtle Can bottle is named after one of the seven beautiful turtle species that we endeavour to protect through our range of ecofriendly water bottles. Your child will be more engaged in choosing their 
water bottle and drinking more water not only because of the bright and fun range of colours we offer but also because of the turtle it represents.  


Why is a Turtle Can the best insulated water bottle for kids? Because it does exactly what it says on the tin and insulates your child’s drink. Our Turtle Cans are double wall vacuum insulated which can keep your child’s drink cold for 24 hours- perfect during the warmer summer months when they are running around and need to cool down. Equally a Turtle Can is able to keep hot drinks hot for up to
12 hours so whether it’s a cosy hot chocolate or a soothing hot Ribena, your child’s drink will be the perfect temperature by lunchtime and even after school!


Every parent wants to be sure that whatever they give their child is safe and 
hygienic which is why we ensure that every stainless steel Turtle Can is nontoxic and 100% BPA free so you can be sure your child’s drink is free from harmful chemicals. Stainless steel bottles are much more hygienicthan plastic bottles to use and to clean as they contain no cracks or pores to harbour bacteria. This means when you clean the bottle you can be sure that it is safe to give to your child.  


Above all, the best insulated water bottle for kids need to be functional. Turtle Canbottles are lightweight and the perfect size and shape for smaller hands to hold with a soft matte finish that makes the bottle easier to grip. The wide mouth of the Turtle Can also helps children to adequately hydrate themselves as well as avoiding spills when refilling their water bottle whether it’s at a school water fountain or atthe kitchen sink. Help your child stay hydrated and healthy whilst helping the movement towards cleansing the world’s oceans of harmful waste plastic with a TurtleCan. Want to find out why a Turtle Can is the best insulated water bottle for kids? Take a look at our Turtle Can collection…