Turtle Can: The best water bottle for plane travel

Whether you are a regular traveller or simply enjoy an annual trip abroad, it’s is safe to say having the right water bottle on a plane can come in handy.

The low humidity on board a plane means moisture evaporates from the body more quickly than normal, leaving you dehydrated.

Not only can that make you nauseous or tired, but it can prompt you to fall ill.

The air on a plane dries out your skin and your throat too, limiting your body’s ability to naturally sweep out any bacteria and viruses circulating inside the cabin.

Turtle Can’s stainless-steel bottles are designed with frequent fliers – and those on the go – in mind.

Here we demonstrate how the design, functionality and characteristics of our products combine to create the best water bottle for plane travel.

Kind to the environment

In 2017, plane passengers generated more than 5.7 million tonnes of cabin waste and, more shockingly, that figure could double within 15 years if no action is taken.

Plastic cutlery, cups and bottles all contribute to a global issue of plastic pollution.

As a result, Turtle Can is dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic waste found in the oceans that needlessly endanger sea life.

Our stainless-steel water bottles have impressive green credentials, being both 100 per cent recyclable and non-toxic.

Turtle Can products help reduce your carbon footprint by removing the need to accept single-use disposable cups on planes as well as buying bottled water at the airport.


Did you know that during a 10-hour flight, men can lose around two litres of water while that figure is around 1.6l for women? That’s four per cent of your bodily amount!

Turtle Can water bottles can hold up to 500ml (or 17oz) of liquid, an ideal amount to help you combat dehydration while on a flight.

Our products Turtle Can will fit easily into any handbags, backpacks or hand luggage you take on board.


Turtle Cans not only help protect the environment, but also assist in saving money!

If you have a water bottle with you at the airport, then there’s no need to buy an overpriced disposable one either at the gate or while on board.

Depending on how often you travel, a Turtle Can will pay for itself in no time because you can fill your bottle at a water fountain once pass the relevant security checks.

You may also find unexpected savings if you use it for a hot drink; many coffee and sandwich shops now offer discounts on beverages if you bring your own container.


While you can’t take a full Turtle Can through security, once on the other side you can select from a wide range of hot and cold drink.

That could be using a drinking fountain for cold water or pouring tea or coffee bought from an outlet in the terminal into your container.

Our double wall insulated products are designed to keep your chosen drink at the required temperature - perfect for those travelling to warmer destinations.

Turtle Cans keep your drink cool for up to 24 hours, or 12 hours for a warm drink, so you’ll have plenty of time while in the air to enjoy your beverage.


 Any regular traveller understands the importance of quality and, more importantly, a robust water bottle.

Turtle Cans are composed of lightweight stainless steel with a premium-looking smooth and matte finish.

This insulating coat is ideal for any journey because it is condensation-proof, making it easy to grip and hold onto even when hands are clammy – that’s good to know if you have to run to the gate or are nervous about flying.

It’s fluid shape and sleek exterior makes it one of the easiest bottles to slide in and out of your carry-on bag without getting caught and, best of all, it won’t break.

Stainless steel is robust and made to last which means, unlike a plastic or glass bottle, you don’t have to worry about it cracking or smashing.


 The lightweight design of a Turtle Can is perfect for storing in your hand luggage without having to think about weight allowances.

You can then refill it using a drinking fountain once you’ve passed security checks.

Each 500ml bottle holds the optimum amount of liquid to keep you hydrated during your journey without being an inconvenience or weighing you down.


It is easy to forget how dehydrated we can become on a plane when most of the journey is spent sitting.

It’s understandable to assume that if we are not exerting ourselves then we are not at risk, but on an aircraft that isn’t the case.

What we refer to as ‘jetlag’ is often dehydration that leaves you feeling fatigued, nauseous and nursing a headache.

It is therefore recommended you drink a quarter of a litre for every hour you are on a plane.

Using a Turtle Can will help combat dehydration and ensure you arrive at your destination raring to go!

However it isn’t the only problem you might face while in the air.

Studies show that your tray table is not only the dirtiest spot on the plane, but the bacteria found is eight times higher than the toilet flush button!

Thankfully, a Turtle Can is designed with hygiene in mind!

Every stainless-steel product is non-toxic and 100 per cent BPA free – meaning no chance of plastic residue leaking into your drink.

Also, unlike plastic water bottles, it is a more hygienic material because it contains no pores or cracks in which bacteria can thrive.

Travelling by plane can leave you feeling drained, so why not eliminate a risk of that happening by using a Turtle Can?

Our stainless-steel bottles are built to ensure you remain hydrated on the move, regardless of whether you’re travelling for business or leisure.

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