The best water bottle for the gym

If going to the gym is part of your weekly routine, then investing in a reusable water bottle is essential. The right water bottle will allow you to not only stay hydrated and perform at the highest level, it will also help you do your bit for the environment. Turtle Can is designed specifically for those who lead a healthy and active lifestyle which makes it the perfect water bottle choice for any gym goer. Here we are discussing how the design, functionality and characteristics of a Turtle Can perfectly unite to suit the everyday needs and preferences for any gym workout.

Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that 8.3 tonnes of plastic have been produced in only six decades? However, it will take this plastic over 400 years to degrade naturally. Plastic pollution is an issue that we can no longer afford to ignore, yet gyms are a key culprit for single use plastic water bottles. Turtle Can is committed to reducing the levels of plastic pollution found in the oceans that needlessly endanger sea life. Our stainless-steel water bottles have great eco credentials, being both 100% recyclable and nontoxic, it is globally recognised as a ‘green’ product. The impact of stainless steel on the environment is minimal when compared to other material used in creating water bottles- particularly the more it is used and recycled.


For most gym goers, health is of great importance in their lives- it is often why they are at the gym to begin with. However, without sufficient hydration you will find that your health may begin to suffer, and your workout won’t be as effective. Water not only gives you energy throughout your workout, it also helps to regulate your body temperature, helping you to perform at the highest level in the gym. It is recommended that you drink 4-6 ounces every 15-20 during exercise which is why a Turtle Can is the perfect gym bottle holding 17 ounces, you will have more than enough fluid to optimise your gym session.

Each Turtle Can Stainless Steel bottle is non-toxic and 100% BPA free, making it not only safer for your own health but also for the environment. Gym bottles can quickly become unsanitary without you realising with one study showing that the average gym goers water bottle contained 313,499 viable bacteria cells- more than the average dog toy! Harmful bacteria will often cling to rougher surfaces seen on plastic bottles which is why stainless-steel Turtle Cans are much more hygienic, containing no pores or cracks, there is nowhere for bacteria to hide.


On average, people will spend anywhere between 45 minutes-1 hour in the gym and it is recommended that you drink 7 to 10 ounces every 10 to 20 minutes when exercising. With Turtle Can’s being able to hold up to 500ml/ 17 oz of liquid, it is the perfect water bottle for any gym session. Whether you’re focusing on cardio or weight training, Turtle Cans are the perfect size to carry round and hold just enough to keep you hydrated without becoming a burden to hold. They are extremely easy to slip into any gym bag and will fit into the majority of water bottle cages on bikes and other cardio equipment.


Depending on how far away you live from the gym, by the time you’ve arrived, got into the gym and are starting your work out, your water may no longer be the optimum temperature. Cold water is key to aiding your performance in the gym as it regulates your core temperature as well as replenishes any fluids lost through perspiration. With a stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated bottle, you can ensure that your water will remain at your desired temperature throughout your gym workout. Double wall insulated Turtle Cans are designed specifically to ensure your water is kept cold for up to 24 hours- perfect for the gym!


Any gym goer understands the importance of having a robust water bottle. Water bottles are likely to be knocked and kicked about in a gym environment which is why you will need a bottle that will last. Some gyms are now no longer allowing glass water bottles to be used due to the health and safety risk they pose. Turtle Can bottles are built use lightweight stainless steel with a premium insulating coat that is perfect for exercise as it is condensation proof making it easy to hold even when perspiring.  The fluid shape and smooth exterior makes it one of the easiest bottles to slide in and out of your gym bag without getting caught and best of all, it won’t break. Your Turtle Can can be knocked over, kicked and rattle around in your gym bag without sustaining any serious damage.


Turtle Cans are built to support an active lifestyle which is why functionality was a key consideration in its design. Unlike other water bottles, the mouth of a Turtle Can was specifically designed to ensure those exercising can quickly rehydrate and easily control the flow of water. Many bottle tops are flawed in this aspect of their design with pull up tops and plastic twist caps making it difficult to quickly access fluid during your gym session. The width of the mouth also perfectly accommodated refills at taps and specifically at gym drinking fountains without causing spillage. Even if your hands are clammy, you should find no issue twisting open the condensation proof, stainless steel cap and when fastened, you can be sure there will be no leaks.

How better to stay hydrated at the gym than with a Turtle Can? Turtle Can’s stainless-steel bottles are built to accommodate a healthy, active lifestyle and are the perfect choice for gym goer of all abilities. Whether you visit the gym every day or once a week. you can keep yourself hydrated with a Turtle Can whilst doing your bit for the earth. Help the movement towards cleansing the world’s oceans of harmful waste plastic by adding Turtle Can to your daily grind. Take a look at our Turtle Can water bottles…