The best water bottle for hiking

Hiking is a challenge unlike others.

It requires an immense level of strength and stamina over an extended period.

Your energy levels can drop quickly from dehydration, putting you in a potentially dangerous situation.

Hikers can quickly become confused and disoriented, which is why having the right water bottle can help.

Turtle Can is designed specifically for those who live a healthy and active lifestyle, making it an ideal water bottle for those who enjoy hiking.

Here we demonstrate how the design, functionality and characteristics of our product combine to suit the needs all hikers.

Environmentally friendly

 Did you know it takes a plastic bottle 450 years to biodegrade?

With only 19.8 million out of a total 35.8 million plastic bottles used in the UK every day being recycled, this figure is especially worrying.

When it comes to hiking, you often find yourself in uncharted areas along the coast or in mountainous areas.

More importantly there are no designated areas in which to dispose of waste, notably plastic bottles.

As such, there has been a big push in recent years to encourage hikers not to litter natural spaces.

Turtle Can is committed to helping reduce the levels of waste with an eco-friendly, sustainable solution.

Our water bottles are made of stainless steel and, being 100 per cent recyclable, are widely recognised as a ‘green’ product.

The impact on the environment is minimal when it comes to creating stainless steel water bottles, particularly when compared to plastic equivalents. 


 For adults, the general rule of hydration when it comes to hiking is to drink ½ litre of water for every hour of hiking.

A Turtle Can’s capacity is 500ml, or 17oz, making it the ideal water bottle.

Each stainless steel bottle holds enough to keep you hydrated for the first leg of your hike without being so bulky that it becomes an effort to carry.

Once empty, you will barely notice its weight and can refill it with ease should you find a natural water source such as a stream or spring.


 Turtle Can bottles are built with those who are active in mind, which is why it is the perfect water bottle for hikers.

Each one is comprised of lightweight stainless steel to create a product that is not only easy to carry over long distances, but also to hold.

The smooth, matte finish exterior is condensation-proof – a useful characteristic for when it rains or when your hands are clammy.

Its soft shape means it can easily slide in and out of your backpack at a moment’s notice.

But don’t be fooled, it is extremely hard-wearing.

Stainless steel is robust and made to last, which means unlike a glass or plastic bottle you won’t have to worry about it breaking.


 When it comes to hiking, it is recommended that your backpack should not exceed more than 10% of your own bodyweight.

If you weigh 160lbs, your backpack should weigh no more than 16lbs.

As such, you will want to ensure you are carrying a water bottle that does not add any unnecessary weight.

Turtle Cans are lightweight, even when full, which makes them an ideal water bottle for any hiker.


 Insulated water bottles are without doubt the best option when hiking.

In the summer months they are an ideal solution to keeping your water cold, while in winter they are perfect for hiking because they will prevent the liquid from freezing.

Turtle Cans are double wall vacuum insulated bottles designed specifically to keep water at a desired temperature.

It is not only guaranteed to keep your drink cold for 24 hours, but it can also keep any hot beverages warm for 12 hours - perfect for those partial to a cup of tea while walking!


 With no pound to spare, every item must be functional when hiking.

As one of the most frequently used items while walking, your water bottle must be accessible and easy to use.

Turtle Can was created with these key design elements in mind.

The mouth of a Turtle Can has been specifically designed to ensure hikers can easily control the flow of water to quickly hydrate themselves.

Other water bottle top designs are arguably flawed in that they only allow a small amount of water out at a time, so rehydrating takes longer.

The width of a Turtle Can also accommodates being quickly and easily refilled at natural sources you come across.

With our bottles, there are no issues with opening pull-up caps or difficult plastic lids that can freeze in the winter or become tricky to open while perspiring in the summer.

The stainless-steel cap on each Turtle Can twists opens with ease every time and is completely leak-proof.

Whether you are trekking up a mountain trail, a coastal path or through a national park, hiking keeps you moving for hours at a time.

Wherever you’re hiking, Turtle Can will help keep you hydrated and focused while helping you to do your bit for the environment.

Help a movement towards cleansing the world’s oceans of harmful waste plastic by adding Turtle Can to your collection.

Take a look at our Turtle Can water bottles…