The Benefits of Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Single-use plastic is quickly becoming a modern-day pariah and with good reason. Not only are we now concerned about the alarming rate at which the environment is being polluted and harmed by our plastic waste, but we can now see the damage of plastic on our own bodies. BPA is found in a large number of plastic bottles not only making them unsanitary to reuse but now, unsafe. Many turn to BPA free bottles as an alternative and whilst this is a good step forward, the benefits of stainless-steel water bottles are far more advanced.

Environmental Impact

For many, the switch to reusable water bottles is as a result of their growing concern for their individual impact on the environment and to make a conscious effort in reducing their carbon footprint. Stainless steel is a much more sustainable and durable resource being composed of iron, chromium and nickel. The lifespan of these water bottles far exceeds that of a plastic bottle and when its lifespan does comes to an end, it can be easily recycled.

Hot or Cold

Unlike plastic bottles, stainless steel is able to successfully insulate the contents of your bottle for hours, saving you from a less desirable room temperature beverage. This insulation allows you to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and any hot drinks can stay warm for up to 12 hours!

Safe Drinking Water

Plastic water bottles are increasingly being recognised as presenting a significant health risk with a number of harmful chemicals being emitted. Stainless steel bottles prevent these carcinogenic chemicals from leaking into your water by providing a safe and secure casing to keep your water fresh and uncontaminated. They are 100% BPA free and does not use BPA or BPS in its manufacturing process.


In the UK, the average person uses around 150 plastic water bottles every year- more than 3 a week! By using a stainless-steel bottle, you will not only reduce your plastic waste, but you’ll save a large amount of money. Plus, the majority of coffee shops and eateries are now more than happy to prepare your drink in your own reusable flask whether it be tea, coffee, hot chocolate or just water! Many shops will also offer a discount on your drink if you bring your own flask because when they save money, you can save money too!

Easy to Clean

Plastic bottles, even reusable bottles are extremely prone to mould and other harmful bacteria growing around the rim and on the cap. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is much more resistant to such growth and is often much easier to clean. They can be washed by hand or simply placed in the dishwasher and won’t melt, rust or change shape from the heat.

Whether you are looking become more eco-friendly or simply concerned about the health risks of your drinking water, the benefits of stainless-steel water bottles far outweigh the plastic alternatives. You can make a change today with Turtle Can.