Can you put coffee in a stainless-steel water bottle?

People in the UK drink a staggering 95 million cups of coffee every day with 65% of coffee consumed at home, 25% at work or whilst studying and the remainder in coffee shops, bars and restaurants.
What this tells us is that not only are a large percentage of people drinking coffee, they are more importantly drinking coffee on the go.

Since the suggestion of a paper cup tax or ‘latte levy’ was introduced, people have increasingly shifted towards reusable cups to both save money and to reduce waste.

There are many reusable cups on the market but an option that is often overlooked is stainless steel water bottles which are perfect for any coffee from a flat white to an espresso.


Paper cups from coffee shops are less than ideal when it comes to keeping your coffee insulated and often result in your drink going cold before you’ve even reached work. Plus, when it comes to protecting your hands from being scolded, the cardboard sleeves most coffee shops place over your cup are generally useless.

Turtle Can’s double-wall insulated bottles are purposefully built to keep your coffee hot for 12 hours from the moment it is poured and sealed. You can have the perfect temperature coffee throughout the day and best of all, you won’t burn your hand holding your Turtle Can as the double wall vacuum keeps the inside hot and the exterior cool.


Using a Turtle Can will also save you money in many cafes and coffee shops across the UK which are now reducing the price of their hot drinks for those who bring their own coffee cup or flask. Takeaway coffee cups often have a thin plastic lining which makes them extremely difficult to recycle which is why coffee chains are making a change. You can save up to £130 a year as coffee shop chains such as Pret a Manger, Starbucks, Costa and more offer anywhere between 20—50p off your drink when bringing your own cup.


2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away every year in the UK but shockingly, only 0.25% are recycled. Despite large chain coffee shops putting recycling schemes into place for disposable cups, they aren’t always as successful as they would hope often because they have a specific drop off
point, inconvenient to most coffee drinkers. Reusable flasks and cups such as a Turtle Can are the perfect solution in helping to reduce waste in the UK and globally.

Turtle Can is committed to reducing the levels of plastic pollution found in the oceans that needlessly endanger sea life. Unrecycled plastic lined coffee cups that make their way to the ocean are ingested by sea life and float in the water, creating a toxic environment for all organisms. Our stainless-steel bottles are noted for having great eco credentials, being both 100% recyclable and BPA free, they are widely recognised as a ‘green’ product. When compared to other water bottles, the impact of creating stainless steel water bottles on the environment is much more minimal, particularly the more they are used and recycled.


According to research carried out at The University of Arizona, up to 90 percent of mugs in office kitchen are coated in germs, with 20 percent harbouring faecal matter. Unlike your average office mug, Turtle Cans are made of stainless steel which are a much more hygienic material not only to use as a coffee flask but to clean too. Containing no cracks or pores for bacteria can cling to, stainless
steel is the obvious choice for coffee at work, at home and on the go. Every Turtle Can is nontoxic and 100% BPA free so you can be sure that your coffee is not only kept hot but is also free from harmful chemicals.


Most coffee shops will provide you with flimsy plastic lid for your disposable cup and anyone that has been on public transport with one of these cups will know how impractical they are. No matter how busy your morning commute, a Turtle Can is built to keep your coffee hot and will keep it from spilling. Every Turtle Can bottle is extremely robust and is perfect to throw into your bag without any
risk of spills or damaging the bottle.

Turtle Can bottles are perfect for holding your coffee wherever you are, keeping it hot for 12 hours while helping you do your bit for the environment.

Help a movement towards cleansing the world’s oceans of harmful waste plastic by adding Turtle Can to your collection.